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The Air National Guard 

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Coach: "You certainly made a big difference and had an impact on the entire audience."

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​ Coach,
...your leadership coaching and professional literacy expertise were insightful and very well received.  Your focus on improving and stimulating independent thinking will guide us in applying the strategies and techniques needed to resolve the challenges we face in an increasingly complex strategic global environment.  Your work with the Air National Guard is an important contribution to our successful service.

        L Scott Rice, LT Gen USAF NG NGB 
​        Director of the Air National Guard 

"Thanks Coach!  It was a pleasure to meet you and enlightening to listen to your insights and incredible knowledge on leadership.  Thanks for all you do for our ANG."  
Brig Gen USAF Stephen S. Nordhaus NG NGB

The DANG's team at The Readiness Center at Andrews AFB were remarkably engaged and supremely interested in the intersection between professional literacy and innovations in leader-development.

​The opportunity to present to an esteemed audience like this one is an honor I will cherish as long as I live.



Maj Gen Marc Sasserville of the National Guard Bureau introduces keynote: Coach Doug Goffman


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Professional Literacy is the basis of Cognitive Performance Coaching.  
Books about Leadership and Learning become powerful resources elevating and enhancing  our practice.

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Thanks to Lt General Leon Catfish Rice, Director of the Air National Guard, for inviting me to share the wisdom of Cognitive Performance Coaching.


Each of the following exemplary photos is courtesy of photojournalist for the Air National Guard, MSgt Marvin Preston, USAF NGB

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