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The Coach-in-Residence Initiative

Meaningful & Memorable

For companies and businesses facing the challenges of a VUCA world, this form of coaching is supremely impactful.  The residence experience toggles between one-on-one coaching with key members of your team and group workshops on leader development themes that support and reinforce the acquisition of critical leader talent, knowledge, and skill.


VUCA:  Volatile - Unpredictable - Complex - Ambiguous

Working the Cognitive Performance Coaching Wheel in one-on-one sessions, the coach gains valuable insights about growth needs, challenges that limit advancement, and gaps in knowledge and skill.  The coaching process unearths talents in your colleagues that will contribute to and enhance organizational success.   

The timely development of topic focused workshops is absolutely critical to creating cohesion, making-sense of leader principals in action, cementing the personal learning that has already begun to adhere from the one-on-one work.

The combination of these two strategies result in a recipe for creating a growth mindset culture and an intentional learning orientation.

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Personal One-on-One Coaching

Seize the Opportunity

Working the Cognitive Performance Coaching Wheel in one-on-one sessions, the coach gains valuable insights about growth needs, challenges that limit advancement, and gaps in knowledge and skill.  


VUCA:  Volatile - Unpredictable - Complex - Ambiguous

Those same VUCA principles impact personal development the same way that they affect a business or organization.


Cognitive Performance Coaching will help you to understand your options, make clear and intelligent decisions, adopt a realistic action plan, and feel a sense of confidence in your ability to control your own future.

Coaching has become a new and popular method for improving personal and organizational performance. Many coaches use techniques that resemble the athletic or sports model, providing direction and guidance; essentially, attempting to control human performance by giving information and feedback. While the "teach and tell" method of coaching has the potential for results, it offers little or no opportunity for the client to begin to own methods and systems for personal thinking and decision-making. In fact, the bad news is that the client, given that type of support, becomes increasingly more handicapped as an independent thinker and more dependent on the coach. Other coaches employ the consultant model, amassing a wealth of information through intricate assessments, establishing long term contracts, thus placing the client and/or organization in a lengthy, convoluted process.  This process, by design, takes on a life of its own, generating and perpetuating both necessity and need.

Cognitive Performance Coaching presents an exciting new option in coaching technique.   Doug Goffman, author and innovator, employs a teaching and learning format.  Using the CPC Wheel, the client learns to use the system to become an independent thinker and problem-solver.  The dialogue sessions reflect a one-on-one university course of study with absolute success built into a process-oriented experience.  Built into these sessions include the introduction of many key concepts and principles that form the professional literacy component of CPCoaching.  Coach Doug will show you how to access vital information through books and articles, written by powerful authors, that will help you to become... A Smarter You.

Keynote Presentations

Get Ready to Take Action


Doug Goffman has delivered keynote presentations throughout North America on coaching, leadership and learning.  He has worked with businesses, schools, the military, and organizations using his innovative models, Cognitive Performance Coaching, Systematic Exemplary Leadership, The Reflective Teaching Strategy, The Pedagogic Oath, and The Professional Literacy Forum.  No group is too large or too small.  Doug has done captivating workshops for audiences of five thousand to fifty.

When Doug presents, participants leave invigorated, challenged, smarter, and better prepared in all aspects of school, business, and leadership life. 


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