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Briotix Health takes on The Cognitive Performance Coach

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Stephen Brown and I met at The Ridge at Castle Pines Golf Course in Denver, Colorado, in August of 2018.  We were paired purely by chance and shared that wonderful conversation that began with... "so what is it that you do?"
I always carry a small wallet full of business cards in my golf bag for occasions like this one.  We enjoyed a fabulous afternoon together and parted company with a..."maybe we could meet some time for lunch and chat about the potential of joining forces."  A few days later Stephen reached out... lunch at PF Changs... and the collaboration between Cognitive Performance Coaching and Briotix Health was initiated.


Over lunch, Stephen explained that he was planning an off-site retreat in Silverthorn.  He had rented a house that would accommodate all ten members of the executive leadership team.  The workshop was scheduled for mid- September and he was interested in what I might be able to create that would enhance communication within the team; develop increased rapport; bring two companies that had recently merged to an improved working 

relationship.  Right up my alley... however... I insisted that I would need to meet with each member of the team before that September workshop.  It was already early August so time was of the essence.  Two of those ELT members, Sherrie Burrell, Head of Operations, and Loretta Buckmann, finance,  worked out of the corporate headquarters in Centennial, Colorado... a stones throw from my residence.   Meeting with both of them was the easy part.

No time to waste... United Airlines: set me up with three round trippers.  Phoenix - Sacramento - Milwaukee

Mitch Neff, pictured right, in his best thinker pose, Commander of the Maintenance Division, and active F-16 pilot with the Colorado ​Air National Guard, had recently retired and was now flying with United Airlines.  If United was the airline of choice for Mitch,  it now becomes my go-to airline.  He once sent me an unreal pictures of the two lead F-16s on a cross-country flight... something they did 

national guard 2.jpg

on a regular basis.  First flight... Denver to Phoenix, Arizona to meet with Bob Patterson, Executive Vice President and Co-Founder of Briotix Health, currently in charge of business development.  Denver International or DIA is such a convenient airport.  Here I am ready to jump on the shuttle.  I had heard that Bob was an avid golfer... my Taylor-Mades are on the plane.


 Yep... That's the coach  at DIA, wearing his fav Ralph Trench... I do go for the brand when the opportunity presents itself.  I drove "Ultimate Driving Machine" for much of my work-life (320i; 524 TD; 535i; 635i; 735 i)  and have now pivoted to "The Best or Nothing. 350 GLK; 250 GLA"​. 


I find travel for business to be invigorating.  I can always grab the latest edition of Forbes; find a corner at Starbucks to read; drink; and think.


Think is what this Cognitive Performance Coach is all about.  In order to serve up the absolute best for the client, I use MIT author Hal Gregerson's Questions Are The Answer to craft a series of questions that frame the mission at hand... with the thought that If I can return with those questions answered... and I will be prepared to organize the kind of workshop that will truly take this "recently blended team" to the next level of collaboration.

Omni became my retreat for the next few days while I came to know one very intelligent and savvy leader.  We did manage to play a little golf and shared a few hearty meals, but the conversation was the focus.  After our first round in the sweltering heat; somewhere at around 108 degrees, Bob and I took up shop in the clubhouse, spread out across a few tables, and began to build a coaching relationship founded on mutual respect and a real love tor business growth and leader development.

Bob continues to be a valued source of insight about organizational structure and innovation.

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Briotix Health was introduced to me as an innovative, forward thinking company that operates within the world of Industrial Sports Medicine.  They primary workforce provides physical therapists and  athletic trainers to the "industrial athlete."  It was explained, as an example, that if you were a lineman who climbed the poles of an electric company, Briotix Health would supply the expertise to keep your workers safe, strong, and healthy.  I was intrigued.

Next Stop:  Sacramento, CA to meet with Shelby Spencer, the brains behind all of the technology required to synchronize hundreds of team members servicing clients from all corners  of the map.  Shelby, also a co-founder of the company, shared some powerful thoughts about Briotix Health, past - present- and future.

I did manage to see my good friend and former client, Andre Watkins, who lives in Sacramento and worked in HR for Governor Swartzenager... (More about Andre in a parallel story entitled: The Lifestyle Center of America, Sulphur, Oklahoma)  Pictured below, as I stroll about the capital of CA... a beautiful city-walk.


Cognitive Performance Coaching Success with The Executive Leadership Team was immediate and palpable.  The leaders were open to engaging in key conversations about culture, organizational learning, and mindset.
Before long, Coach Doug was now engaging with not only the executive team, but with nearly forty additional supervisors and client managers.  Workshops were developed and this coaching residency truly began to take shape.

Next Stop:  Milwaukee, Wisconsin to meet the founders of INSITE Health, Tony and Beckie Kazkowski.

I arrived at the Hyatt Downtown Milwaukee on a dreary mid-west afternoon.   The hotel was located amidst terrible construction making it practically impossible to see the city.  I found a super hamburger a few blocks away from the Hyatt, and prepared to meet Tony and Beckie in the town of Pewaukee, WI... about a 30 minute ride from downtown.


Upon arrival at InSite, I was greeted with warmth and receptivity.  I could see right away that the Kazkowski's had developed a culture that was strong yet family-like.  Tony arrived a few minutes late, in shorts and a t-shirt; and presented as an uncomplicated leader.  We jumped in his car and headed for the Lake... a picturesque location in a charming downtown Pewaukee waterfront village.  We grabbed two coffees and a few pastries from an amazing cafe... and headed to a lakefront picnic bench.

Originally Tony had told me he had a "hard-stop" at 11 am; only an hour into our conversation.  That stop went away, as well connected and talked for nearly four hours.

Tony was proud to share his story... and entrepreneurial one at that... about beginning a small business supporting local industrial workers which evolved into a country-wide corporation serving companies throughout the USA.  He was humble; honest; reflecting about building is business and then selling/merging with Briotix Health.  I could see that he was torn and proud, simultaneously.

When we returned to his headquarters, he proudly presented me with an InSite jersey.  

Before heading back downtown, Tony recommended that I switch hotels to one of his favorite locations... The old and stately ... It was simply magnificent.

​I also confirmed that I would return the next morning to meet with his wife and collaborator, Beckie.

Returned to Pewaukee the next morning for a repeat performance of coffee and muffins... and a wonderfully rich conversation with Beckie Kazkowski in front of her lake.


The Briotix Health Initiative has grown into a remarkable coaching residency. I say residency because it combines one-on-one regular coaching with workshop and team learning events.


“Coach Doug Goffman began this initiative back in 2018 working exclusively with the executive team and has now expanded influence to every corner of the company. As we close 2023, the regular one-on-one session continue each month with nearly 75 leaders, managers, and supervisors taking an active role in crafting their own professional development guided by their coach. “Every time a new supervisor comes on-board, they come to me for leadership coaching.” - Stephen Brown, CEO Briotix


The magic here can be found in building a relationship that fosters trust and honesty. This coach listens astutely and uses a questioning format to engage in deeper thinking. Colleagues receive articles that connect with their interest and need... and books frequently arrive at a Briotian’s doorstep, compliments of the coach.


At the recent September Executive Summit, the leaders expressed appreciation for the insight and energy expended by the coach that results in personal and professional growth of team members. The coach is equally appreciative of having this opportunity to hone and develop this craft.


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