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Jake Staiano

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Jake Staiano: Earns Korn Ferry Tour Card

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Jake and I began working together in October of 2020.  Our collective mission was to:

  • solidify confidence and build trust

  • convert tension to energy in tournament play

  • garner momentum through a "flywheel" approach

  • define and refine practice routines giving consideration to deep and deliberate practice

  • add qualities of precision and measurement to practice 

  • structure an intentional prep schedule for practice and competition

  • develop skill in the use of  mental representations and mindfulness

  • hone "recon" strategies in advance of key tournaments

Jake's combination of talent and perseverance paid off in early November of 2021 competing against the best young golfers in the world in the Korn Ferry Finals near Savannah, Georgia.

Jake came off a win and a 2nd place finish in Colorado before taking on the rigorous challenges of Korn Ferry Q-School.  Jake rose to the top 20 in the first stage in Maricopa, Arizona; a four-round event.  Second  stage took place in New Mexico where Jake finished in third place, finishing well up the leaderboard.  

The finals presented unusually grueling weather when temps dropped to 36 degrees with torrential rain.  Play was suspended after round 2 for a day, resuming with warm sunshine and better playing conditions.  Jake finished 72nd out of 150 finalists.

Course record at Raindance

CC, Colorado

It's a chilly morning in Georgia.


Jake Staiano, Korn Ferry Q-School Finals 2021 at The Landings in Georgia


Jake Staiano warming up on the practice tee at the Korn Ferry Q-School finals in Georgia.

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