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Cognitive Performance Coaching - The Colorado National Guard

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Coaching the 140th WING
a memoir by Coach Doug Goffman

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The Air National Guard HDQ


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Promoted Honorary Chief


 A Visual Memoir

This slideshow serves as a visual memoir.  The moments shared with the men and women of the 140th WING; the 233rd Space Group;  138th Space Control Squadron;  Joint Forces Headquarters; Air National Guard Readiness Center at Andrews AFB; all represent an incredible commitment to learning and growing.  What began as a leadership initiative with the Maintenance Group, expanded to include so many motivated airmen. The role and impact of coaching was incredible, thanks to the cooperation of so many dedicated soldiers.

The leadership across the entire WING embraced and then collaborated on a series of workshops and conferences, all with the intention of developing a learning orientation.  Cognitive Performance Coaching is built on a foundation of professional literacy.  Each conference, workshop, and one-on-one coaching session featured the development of key concepts in leadership, emanating from some of the most prominent authors on the planet.  It was inspirational to see how this group of leaders consistently tied conceptual growth to improvement of performance.

One-on-one coaching was often held off-campus, at all hours of the day, on weekends, and on holidays.  Many Airmen accrued more than 10 individualized sessions, a tribute to their personal commitment to increase knowledge and skills.  

This coach was awestruck by the receptivity demonstrated up and down the ranks.  As the photos scroll by, focus on the intensity and the joy on the faces of these colleagues.  I will forever be in their gratitude for the manner in which they received "the coach."


 This project could easily have been titled, "A Coach's Dream."  

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