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The Coach's Message Board: EMS BBQ Welcomes July 2021
WHat a team...The Latest workshop on December 1gung ho by Ken Blanchard and Sheldon Bowles.  This EMS group is awesome.  They welcome the opportunity to learn and grow.

Jeff Birdsong offers a few final words, thanking Leonard, the Supervisor Team, and all EMS employees.

Theme: Evaluate the VA Supervisor Rubric

Back in May, during conversations with Chief Leonard Hill, the coach dug back into his memory banks and surfaced with an evaluation tool that was a key learning experience at Long Island University in New York, where I served as adjunct professor.  

The evaluation rubric is an enhancement from the standard report card, demonstrating not only the "grade" but lays out a path toward improvement.

The coach received valuable insights from each of the current team members and began a two-month process of identifying key markers that signal advancement, from novice (beginner level) to apprentice (learning) to proficient (performing well) to distinguished (exemplary status).  These qualifiers  came from the original Kentucky rubric, that led the field of evaluation innovation.

The product above looks at growth from two perspectives... employee accountability and supervisor communication.