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Team VA,
My professional golf client's name is Jake.  He is a fervent fan of Kobe.  He shared one of his clips.

Kobe shares his words of wisdom about iteration: learning from losing.

You have all heard me speak about Marcus Buckingham.  He is the co-author of Nine Lies About Work and recently wrote a fascinating article called The Feedback Fallacy.  In the article, he suggests that people need attention, not correction.  Now that might seem unusual ... but I think he is onto something.

Here he speaks about leading his team through this challenging time.

Marcus Buckingham:    Lead With These Five Tips

Peter Senge, author of The Fifth Discipline, leads my parade of most respected authors.
Here you can watch and listen to Peter delivering an address to an audience of educators at a conference that took place "a few years back."  A few of you were probably not born yet or at best, "knee high to a grasshopper."  I listened to this presentation yesterday and was as inspired as I was back then.  Look closely and you may find your coach in the audience.

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