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Cognitive Performance

A Smarter You.

"Better Thinking Results in Improved Performance"

Cognitive Performance Coaching is all about coaching smart.


You decide the direction of this learning journey and the coach will guide you toward becoming A Smarter You; the title of Doug Goffman's soon-to-be released book about coaching, personal and professional growth, and enhanced performance.If you are looking for coaching for your business or organization, the same principles apply.  Helping you and your colleagues to become smarter about leadership,  management, and teamwork, both individually and collectively, will raise the level of performance across the board.


Whether you are a CEO, a Professional Golfer, Director of Sales, a Store Manager, or a mother of three, the key to better performance is as they say, between the ears.  We work collaboratively to determine your personal vision and create a roadmap to get you there. Coach Doug Goffman has created the Coach-in-Residence initiative for businesses and organizations who understand how personal growth connects to company success.  Take a brief tour of the project recently completed with the Colorado Air National Guard to get a glimpse into a Coaching Residency.


The CPC Model

The Cognitive Performance Coaching Model coaches clients to help them realize what’s possible, both personally and professionally. With a unique ability to connect with a wide spectrum of leaders, CPC has contributed to countless success stories of various executives and companies.


"Coaching Smart" is what this leadership initiative is really all about.  This unique approach to personal and professional growth is designed to help clients to "calibrate" and enhance their knowledge, skills, talents, and abilities.

Cognitive Performance Coaching is founded on the principles of professional literacy, leader development, and personal growth.


Cognitive Assimilation: The Key to Cementing Practical and Useful Knowledge

Eliminate Reading Frustration and Exhaustion

How often do you find yourself reading a book or an article and by the time you get to page 10 or 21, you forgot what you read on page 5.  I hear that and other similar comments, complaining about this brain of ours being more of a sieve rather than a sponge.  So... how do you read and study and learn so that it sticks?  Let me introduce you to Cognitive Assimilation; a fancy title for a simple strategy that works.  Learn how to use rather than read books on your bookshelf.

1. Reflect: Think deeply about where you want to focus your learning.
2. Select:  Identify a book or author who you believe will support that learning intention.
3. Read:   Peruse, identify, and read only enough to begin to put concepts into action.
4. Connect:  Connect what you are reading to your practical learning agenda.
5. Elaborate:  Explode the learning into other tangential areas of practice.
6. Generate:  Write key points, original thoughts, and reflections in journal format.
7. Rehearse:  Try this new concept and practice out on someone you trust.

Watch and see just how your memory of important concepts in leadership and professional development will become increasingly more available to you, both in conversation and in thought.

Books, books, and more books...

If you know this coach at all, learning is clearly at the forefront... and what better way to learn than connect with a savvy, intelligent author... so I keep them at my fingertips... from my desk chair, i have more than 150 books at an arms reach... so at any moment, they can speak to me.

Linda Hill, noted Harvard author, leads the show, with Collective Genius.  While most coaching occurs in 1-on-1 sessions, we are beginning to dabble in Generative Thinking group conversations, where ideas bubble up and build. These groups evolve and begin to function as one cumulative brain.  Imagine the joint IQ when 7 or 8 great minds connect.


Get Ready to Take Action


Doug Goffman has delivered keynote presentations throughout North America on coaching, leadership and learning.  He has worked with businesses, schools, the military, and organizations using his innovative models, Cognitive Performance Coaching, Systematic Exemplary Leadership, The Reflective Teaching Strategy, The Pedagogic Oath, and The Professional Literacy Forum.  No group is too large or too small.  Doug has done captivating workshops for audiences of five thousand to fifty.

When Doug presents, participants leave invigorated, challenged, smarter, and better prepared in all aspects of school, business, and leadership life. 

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Briotix Health takes on The Cognitive Performance Coach


Coaching The 140th WING

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VA Supervisors

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Chief Operations Officer,  Houston, Texas

"Coach Doug gave me a whole new perspective about who i am as a leader.  It was like getting a degree in leadership.  I am so much more effective now with my colleagues. I feel so much more capable in resolving those important day to day challenges. I also am able to help others reach their potential and increase their own self-worth.   Thanks coach!"

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